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We are responsible for insuring the structure of your home. This does not include your contents (furniture and personal belongings).

  • We strongly recommend that you have your personal possessions insured against probable events such as accidental damage, fire, theft, flooding etc
  • A home contents policy will normally include liability cover so that you are insured for claims made against you by a third party e.g. if you leave a tap running, causing water to damage another person’s home and they claim compensation from you for the damage
  • The cost of insuring your home need not be expensive. Any reputable insurer or broker will be pleased to provide a quotation without obligation
We have made arrangements with a major insurer to offer a home contents policy for our customers, providing New for Old cover at competitive rates, with the convenience of being able to make payments in monthly instalments. Please click on our Home Contents Insurance Pack or contact us for more information.

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